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MCAT CARS Practice

Do your best to obtain the main points from each MCAT CARS practice passage you read, and try to read multiple consecutive MCAT CARS practice passages — simulating 2017 MCAT […]

History vs Literature

The novel is in decline. Since the outbreak of World War II the statistics of the book trade reflect the growing appetite of the public for biography, science, sociology, and […]

Priestly Families

Among priests of the Indo-Iranian period, as in later times, there were evidently different vocations; but it is likely that there was a basic training in which they all shared.

Matisse’s color

Matisse’s greatness has been recognized but not altogether understood. In an ideological climate of anguish and nostalgia an artist who frankly and supremely celebrated Pleasure, and whose works are an […]

Physics Art

One of the most profound insights of modern science is that nature has a symmetrical structure. Since antiquity, naturalists have observed bilateral symmetry in plants and animals, as well as […]


Just about every parent is familiar with the signs: the crying, the stomping feet and pouting lips, all of which are usually followed by a collapse to the floor and […]


Do you think racial stereotypes are false? Are you sure? I’m not asking if you’re sure whether or not the stereotypes are false, but if you’re sure whether or not […]

Paris France

Gertrude Stein’s “Paris France” is a book about Paris that tells many true things about the French but also gives a picture of Gertrude and her times that is about […]


Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh was born in 1903 to upper-middle-class Anglicans who lived in a suburb of London. He attended a boarding secondary school (Lancing College), read history at […]


By common consent, the three founders of the modern analytic tradition of philosophy are, in chronological order, Gottlob Frege, Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein