Priestly Families

Among priests of the Indo-Iranian period, as in later times, there were evidently different vocations; but it is likely that there was a basic training in which they all shared.

Matisse’s color

Matisse’s greatness has been recognized but not altogether understood. In an ideological climate of anguish and nostalgia an artist who frankly and supremely celebrated Pleasure, and whose works are an […]

Physics Art

One of the most profound insights of modern science is that nature has a symmetrical structure. Since antiquity, naturalists have observed bilateral symmetry in plants and animals, as well as […]


How do you make painting your own, when so much has been done, so much said, when all bases are covered and all formal gambits foreclosed?


Next week an auction house in France will sell hundreds of Native American artifacts, including a Lakota Sioux warrior’s jacket made of human hair and scalps, and a Hopi ceremonial […]


I would like to get the generalisations over with at the beginning, and have them be brief, but part of me knows that once embarked on they’ll be hard to […]


I felt as if I had been plunged into a sea of wine of thought, and must drink to drowning. But the first distinct impression which fixed itself on one […]

Robert Hughes

It is an oddity of Robert Hughes’s posthumous reputation that, although this art critic received many tributes when he died in 2012, and although they have now been repeated in […]


In the late ’60s, the artist Stephen Kaltenbach spent three manic, productive years in New York City before decamping to California, where he still lives and operates as a “regional […]


It had been a very brief period indeed, though an exciting one, a couple of years in the mid-1890s when it seemed as though many of the conventions and certainties […]