IQ Test

IQ tests just measure how good you are at doing IQ tests.’ This is the argument that is almost always made when intelligence-testing is mentioned. It’s often promoted by people […]


The culmination of a research studentship in the United Kingdom is the ‘viva voce’ – an oral exam, essentially an open-ended discussion of your research with top academics in your […]

Academic Publishing

The web, we all thought, was going to transform academic publishing. At the very least, it would make research far more accessible, lowering the cost and expanding the reach of […]


A research team in Chicago has spent a year studying whether students who are taught to be in touch with their emotions do better academically.

Comparative Literature

I teach comparative literature at Columbia University. At the start of every semester, if I plan to discuss one of my own novels in class, I always tell my new […]


This semester I’m teaching a comparative-literature class that deals with the connections among empathy, literature, and human rights.

Early Education Initiatives

High-quality early childhood education is one of those rare issues that unites people of all social strata and across the political spectrum.

Mother Taught

My mother was a high school French teacher who began her teaching career in the late 1940s, before I was born.

Park Education

As American colleges and universities continue to revolutionize their curricula through high-impact practices that include student engagement with real places and problems, and on-site research and service learning, they shouldn’t […]

Difficult Problems

A recent study by Phillips has shown that making accounting problems simple does not help students as much as making those same problems difficult.