Ethical Consumerism

I’m on thin ice telling readers that being an ethical consumer makes you irritating, but you can’t argue with science.


In February 2014, the European Union published its first ever anti-corruption report.

Randomized Control Trial

Many organizations, from government agencies to philanthropic institutions and aid organizations, now require that programs and policies be ‘evidence-based.’

Works On Ethics

Each day I post a new MCAT CARS Passage. This is for anyone who wants to practice for the CARS Section. Every article is selected to meet the AAMC MCAT criteria for […]


Though it would have been inconceivable just a few years ago, among the most popular gifts this past holiday season was the drone. Increasingly coveted by hobbyists and businesses, these […]

Picturing Poverty

One of the most recent involved one image among many in a powerful gallery of photographs placed online to support the first in a series of articles about the US’s […]


I spent much of my early life at an isolated cabin in the north woods of Canada. My first memory is of a black bear and I pressing our noses […]


The scene could have been repeated in a thousand protected areas in Africa: a small line of visitors walking carefully in the savannah, accompanied by a local game guard with […]

Sports Race

In The Matrix (1999), one of the machines’ sharp-suited kung-fu enforcers, Agent Jones, is standing over Neo on a rooftop, about to kill him. Jones looks down and sneers: ‘Only […]


We come into the world with open minds, ready to tune in to whatever language or culture surrounds us. But as we lock on to the strongest signals, the others […]