Buddhism and Neuroscience

Over the last few decades many Buddhists and quite a few neuroscientists have examined Buddhism and neuroscience, with both groups reporting overlap.

Why Give Christmas Gifts?

Each day I post a new MCAT CARS Passage. This is for anyone who wants to practice for the CARS Section. Every article is selected to meet the AAMC MCAT criteria for […]

Religious Conflict BC

Humans haven’t learned much in more than 2,000 years when it comes to religion and politics. Religion has led to social tension and conflict, not just in today’s society, but […]

Religious Literacy

A week after the terrorist attacks in Paris, students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison held a candlelight vigil to mourn and commemorate the victims of that attack and […]

Religious Need

In America’s dysfunctional society, people need God more than Darwin. That was the summation Wednesday of prominent evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, a University of Chicago professor of ecology and evolution […]

Modern Atheism

Whenever anyone speaks of “new atheists,” my stomach churns. It’s hard not to think of a clique of educated white men of a certain age congratulating themselves on their intellectual […]

I was lying in the dust, staring into the African sun, when their swords came down on me. The crowd was about a hundred strong, all of them Muslims shouting […]

Over the last few decades many Western nations have become less religious, but countries in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East—even the United States itself, in fervor if […]

Since the dawn of anthropology, sociology and psychology, religion has been an object of fascination. Founding figures such as Sigmund Freud, Émile Durkheim and Max Weber all attempted to dissect […]