Daily MCAT CARS Practice - Jack Westin

IQ Test

IQ tests just measure how good you are at doing IQ tests.’ This is the argument that is almost always made when intelligence-testing is mentioned. It’s often promoted by people […]


How do you make painting your own, when so much has been done, so much said, when all bases are covered and all formal gambits foreclosed?

Face History

Hilary Mantel says historical novelists have a duty to be accurate and a responsibility to be authentic and we would all surely nod sagely in agreement at this.

Teenage Risk

I decided to study the brains of teenagers because I was fascinated by the transition from dependence to independence, and hoped to discover the emotional and neurobiological changes supporting that […]


The culmination of a research studentship in the United Kingdom is the ‘viva voce’ – an oral exam, essentially an open-ended discussion of your research with top academics in your […]


What makes love thrive or fail? Since scientists began studying romantic relationships, we’ve learned a lot about the ingredients of success. But could your feelings about your relationship change with […]


Imagine how an infant, looking out from her crib or her father’s arms, might see the world. Does she experience a kaleidoscope of shadowy figures looming in and out of […]

Morality Arguement

Simply telling people that their opinions are based on morality will make them stronger and more resistant to counterarguments, a new study suggests.


From an evolutionary perspective, Confucian filial piety – a system of inheritance – is pretty strange: it requires individuals to prioritise the transfer of resources to parents rather than to […]

Examined Lives

The unexamined life is not worth living, or so Socrates famously told the jury at his trial. He neglected to mention that the examined life is sometimes not all that […]