Face History

Hilary Mantel says historical novelists have a duty to be accurate and a responsibility to be authentic and we would all surely nod sagely in agreement at this.

Cecil Rhodes

Our world was shaped by empires. Its languages, cultures, infrastructures, maps and monuments mark the movements of power across its surface.

Social History

The death of Asa Briggs in March robbed social history of one of its lions. In 1976, just as he stepped down as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex, he […]


Four hundred years ago, Pocahontas arrived in England with her husband John Rolfe.

Howard Zinn

In the 1980s, in the faculty-filled suburbs west of Boston, the historian Howard Zinn was something of a folk hero.


In the 1940s, a curiously enigmatic figure haunted New York City’s great libraries, his mind afire with urgent questions whose resolution might reveal, once and for all, the most ancient […]

Sea Stallion

From his bench toward the stern of the Sea Stallion from Glendalough, Erik Nielsen could see his crewmates’ stricken faces peering out of bright-red survival suits.

Historians of Philosophy

Historians of philosophy by and large seem content to make small additions or revisions in their field. By contrast, Peter Adamson’s Philosophy in the Islamic World marks a revolution: it […]